Charter Options

Morris Island 

$325 / 3 hours


Take a trip around Charleston Harbor to historical and unhibated Morris Island. The 840 acre island is best known as the location of several major battles during the Civil War, and was made famous in the film "Glory." Today, Morris Island offers a relaxing getaway where few people wander. Bring a picnic (or let us provide one!) and your favorite beverages to better enjoy the beach, untouched landscape, and shallow water. Check-out the link below for more information. 


6 guest max 

Custom Cruise

$125/hour, 1.5 hour minimum


This charter is what you make it. We encourage you to call Captain Thomas to discuss an itinerary and what you would like to get out of your time on the boat. One option of many could include a brief cruise, followed by a trip to Shem Creek for happy hour, then back to the Penninsula as the sunsets. In order to enjoy this fully, we do have a 1.5 hour minimum. 


6 guest max


$225 / 2 hours


Experience a beautiful Charleston sunset from the best spot in town -the water! Captain Thomas will take you and your guests on an enjoyable, laid back tour around the Harbor where you can enjoy the sites of the Battery, Ft. Moultrie, Ft. Sumter, the Ravenel Bridge and more as the sun sets over the Holy City. Dolphins aren't guanranteed, however we see a few almost everytime we hit the water. Feel free to bring your favorite beverages to further enjoy this relaxing trip. A great experience to take in before you head downtown for dinner.


6 guest max

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